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Spousal Maintenance

Safeguarding Legal and Financial Interests during Divorce

In Illinois, what used to be called alimony is now usually referred to as "maintenance" or "spousal maintenance." Whether you anticipate seeking spousal maintenance or whether you anticipate paying spousal maintenance, it is important that you work with an attorney who can answer your questions and help accomplish your goals.

Since 1979, Richard W. Culver, Ltd. has offered steadfast guidance and dynamic advocacy for people facing divorce. Barrington alimony lawyer Blake Austin Culver has the analytical skills and tireless work ethic you need to reach a successful conclusion to your divorce. With so much at stake, review six benefits of hiring a trusted Barrington divorce attorney.

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Courts consider many factors when deciding the amount and duration of spousal maintenance or whether it is even appropriate. Some of these factors include the following:

Moreover, Courts may grant spousal maintenance on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on these and other factors. The caliber of your legal counsel can make a major difference in your case going forward.

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Richard W. Culver, Ltd. has a full command of Illinois laws regarding spousal maintenance and property division and will argue your position in compelling fashion, whether in negotiations with opposing counsel or before the Court. At Richard W. Culver, Ltd., attorney Blake Austin Culver will work relentlessly to achieve your goals.

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