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Property Distribution

In divorce, so much is at stake. Dividing marital assets is one of the most important issues in a divorce--and one of the most complicated. How your assets are divided will unquestionably make a major difference in your post-divorce life. Consequently, you need an attorney on your side who will carefully analyze the situation and effectively advocate for your rights. For over thirty-five (35) years, individuals and families throughout Illinois have placed their trust in Richard W. Culver, Ltd. Review six benefits of hiring a Barrington divorce attorney.

Cook County Property Division Lawyer Answering Questions And Getting Results

It is natural to have questions about how the distribution of marital property will impact your life. You may be asking yourself all types of questions, such as: "How is marital property divided?" or "Does the misconduct of one spouse affect the distribution of marital property?" Barrington property distribution lawyer Blake Austin Culver will begin immediately to answer these and other questions, while helping you reach a fair result.

Under Illinois law, both spouses must make a complete and accurate disclosure of all assets and property during the discovery process. Next, all assets are classified as marital property or non-marital property. At Richard W. Culver, Ltd., we have substantial experience making certain that all assets are properly accounted for, using the discovery process as necessary to accomplish this goal.

Ultimately, the Court is required to ensure that each spouse receives a just share of the marital property. A just share, however, does not necessarily mean an equal share.

During this process, it is especially critical to have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side. Richard W. Culver, Ltd. handles all types of matters, such as issues pertaining to the marital residence or when one spouse is allegedly wasting marital assets. We have seen many types of situations and understand how to create workable, equitable results. For more information on various issues within this field of law, see the following pages:

We also have experience assisting individuals with substantial assets in divorce, and we can handle the following issues:

Whether you have complex or fairly straightforward needs, Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can effectively meet those needs.

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