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Paternity Or Parentage In Illinois

Barrington Paternity or Parentage Attorney

Located in Barrington, Illinois, Richard W. Culver, Ltd. provides legal advice, forthright assessments, and representation concerning paternity or parentage cases. Due to the complexity and the profound legal implications regarding paternity or parentage, it is prudent to seek the counsel of a paternity or parentage attorney.

Establishing Paternity or Parentage:

If a biological father is not married to the child's mother, a parent and child relationship may be established by a properly and voluntarily signed Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity form, which creates certain legal rights and responsibilities, including, but not limited to, the biological father accepting responsibility for providing financial support (such as child support and medical support) for the child until the child is at least eighteen years old.

Accordingly, a paternity or parentage action before the Court seeks to establish, among other things, parental responsibility/child custody and parenting time/visitation, as well as child support obligations. Parentage or paternity cases are addressed by the Illinois Parentage Act and/or other applicable Illinois law.

Disputing Paternity or Parentage:

The Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity may be rescinded by signing the Rescission of Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity within certain time limits and under certain circumstances.

Moreover, a man presumed to be the father of a child may contest or dispute the mother's claim of paternity or parentage through an action to declare the non-existence of the parent and child relationship under certain circumstances. The testing of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) removed from cells can assist in determining paternity or parentage.

At Richard W. Culver, Ltd., we can help you learn more about the legal issues involving paternity or parentage cases, whether you are seeking to establish, or seeking to dispute, paternity or parentage. Please note that Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can represent mothers or fathers in paternity or parentage cases.

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