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Ownership Interests In Horses And Illinois Divorce

Barrington Complex Property Division Attorney | Protecting Ownership Interests in Horses during Divorce

If you and/or your spouse have ownership interests in horses, you may be wondering how the divorce process will impact those ownership interests. Most likely, you have spent considerable time and effort researching your horses' bloodlines and pedigrees, as well as caring, feeding, grooming, and training them. Let Richard W. Culver, Ltd. help protect and safeguard your legal rights and financial interests in connection with horse ownership interests during divorce. With so much at stake, review six benefits of hiring a dedicated Barrington divorce attorney.

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During the divorce process in Illinois, horse ownership interests may be classified as marital property or non-marital property depending on the relevant facts and circumstances. If horse ownership interests are classified as marital property, then they are subject to equitable allocation between the divorcing spouses. In a high net worth divorce case, horse ownership interests may be a significant apsect of the parties' marital estate.

Additionally, you may be wondering some of the following questions about horse ownership interests in divorce: Which party will retain which horses? Which party will pay for the horses' expenses, including boarding, feeding, grooming, hoof care, tack maintenance expenses, veterinarian expenses, and vaccination expenses? Which party will by entitled to any offspring of the horses?

Divorce is complex, having significant legal, financial, and emotional implications. It is crucial to contact a diligent divorce attorney with your questions about complex property division in divorce. Trusted Barrington divorce attorney Blake Austin Culver at Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can help answer your questions concerning horse ownership interests, and Blake can help advocate and advise you throughout the divorce process.

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