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Enforcement - Child Support

After the entry of a child support order, some parents may fail, and willfully refuse, to pay what they owe for child support. A parent's non-compliance with a child support order may continue for months--or even for years--unless an enforcement action is initiated. Determined and experienced Barrington attorney Blake Austin Culver at Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can advocate for your legal rights and interests concerning child support enforcement. With so much at stake, consider six benefits of hiring a trusted Barrington family law attorney.

Filing a Petition for Rule to Show Cause:

Under Illinois law, a Petition for Rule to Show Cause Seeking Indirect Civil Contempt of Court may be brought to enforce the child support provisions in a divorce decree or parentage order when a party's non-compliance is, among other things, without compelling cause or justification.

More specifically, a party may fail, and willfully refuse, to pay the following: child support ordered by the Court; health insurance for the child; uncovered medical expenses for the child; the child's educational expenses; the child's extracurricular activities; and post-secondary education expenses.

Did You Know This About Your Reasonable Attorney's Fees and Costs?

If you engage Richard W. Culver, Ltd. and if your former spouse or partner is found by the Court to be in indirect civil contempt for failing to pay child support, the Court can require your former spouse or partner to pay your reasonable attorney's fees and costs in bringing the enforcement action.

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Child support enforcement is a complex process with evidentiary burdens. At Richard W. Culver, Ltd., knowledgeable attorney Blake Austin Culver can help you learn more about child support enforcement. Blake can help review your specific situation, and Blake can help guide you through the process of child support enforcement.

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