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Contribution And Illinois Divorce Law

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Richard W. Culver, Ltd., located in Barrington, Illinois, provides forthright assessments and representation pertaining to contribution in divorce cases. Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can help you protect and preserve your legal rights and financial interests during the divorce process.


If you are contemplating a divorce in Illinois or if you have already been served, you may be asking some of the following questions: Can contribution be a relevant factor in property division under Illinois law? What constitutes contribution? Is homemaking or caretaking considered contribution? Experienced divorce attorney Blake Austin Culver at Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can help answer questions on contribution in divorce cases and can help evaluate the specific situation of your case.

Under Illinois law, contribution can be a relevant factor in property division, meaning the contribution of each party to the acquisition, preservation, or increase or decrease in the value of the marital or non-marital property. The contribution of a spouse as a homemaker or to the family unit may be considered in property distribution or complex property division in a high net worth divorce case.

Because to the complexity and the significant legal implications regarding contribution, it is prudent to seek the counsel of a skilled property division attorney. Please note that Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can pursue, or defend, claims of contribution in divorce cases.

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