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Child support, whether you will pay it or receive it, is an issue that will have tremendous implications in your divorce. Your choice of lawyer will have major consequences in this and other aspects of your divorce.

At Richard W. Culver, Ltd., attorney Blake Austin Culver provides knowledgeable guidance and strategic representation to parents in child support matters. This law firm is here to answer your questions, analyze your situation, and point the way to a brighter future. With so much at stake concerning your children, consider six benefits of hiring a trusted Barrington attorney. Child Support Laws In Illinois

Child support in Illinois is largely dictated by a statutory formula that takes several factors into account, including the number of children and the supporting parent's net income, as follows:

Number of ChildrenPercent of Supporting Parent's Net Income
6 or more50%

In certain situations, such as when the supporting parent is self-employed or owns a business, it may be difficult to calculate this parent's income. Richard W. Culver, Ltd. has considerable experience dealing with these types of complex issues and can ensure that the supporting parent's income is calculated properly.

Under some circumstances, such as when the financial resources of one or both parents require it or when the special needs of a child require it, courts can deviate from this standard formula. In such situations, Richard W. Culver, Ltd. will make a persuasive argument as to why a deviation is necessary or unnecessary, as the case may be.

Richard W. Culver, Ltd. addresses potential issues relating to child support, including the following:

You can rely on Richard W. Culver, Ltd. to give you the information you need to make educated decisions about child support and to take action when necessary to protect your rights.

Palatine, Illinois, Child Support Modification Attorney | Reasonable Rates

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to modify the amount of child support. For instance, if the paying spouse loses a job or obtains a job that pays significantly more or less, modifying child support may be necessary. Barrington child support attorney, Blake Austin Culver at Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can navigate the legal processes on your behalf and help you reach a just outcome. Click modification for more information.

Possible Illinios Child Support Reforms:

For more information about possible changes and reforms to Illinois child support laws, click trends.

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