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Allegations of Parental Unfitness in Illinois

Barrington Child Custody Attorney

In divorce or parental responsibility cases, allegations of parental unfitness may arise. It may be alleged that one parent, among other circumstances, abuses drugs or prescription medications, suffers from alcohol addiction, or has developed a mental illness.

These are serious allegations, possibly affecting a parent's potential for parental responsibility/child custody and parenting time/visitation with his or her children for years to come, if proven. Barrington attorney Blake Austin Culver at Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can help pursue, or defend, allegations of parental unfitness by carefully reviewing the facts and circumstances to develop a compelling case.

Parent Unfitness Arising after Divorce or Parental Responsibility Cases:

Parental unfitness may arise after the conclusion of a divorce or parental responsibility case; however, judgments and orders may be modified under certain circumstances. Click modification for additional information regarding parental responsibility/child custody modification and parenting time/visitation modification.

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