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7 Tips for Your Initial Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

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In preparing for your initial consultation with a divorce attorney, here are seven (7) tips for you to utilize and to review:

(1) Marital Difficulties. Review the types of marital difficulties that you have been experiencing.

(2) Parental Responsibility/Child Custody. Review the possible allocation of parental responsibilities/child custody arrangements that you think could be in the children's best interests.

(3) Spousal Maintenance. Consider your needs, the standard of living established during the marriage, and the length of your marriage, as they pertain to possible spousal maintenance.

(4) Specific Questions. Regarding divorce, compile a list of your most specific, and your most pertinent questions, in advance. For example, you may have specific questions pertaining to the marital residence, retirements benefits, or vehicles.

(5) Financial Situation. If possible, try to review your budget and financial situation, including any assets and debts, before your initial consultation.

(6) Summons and Petition. If you have already been served with divorce papers, bring the Summons and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to your initial consultation, so that preparing a Response within the appropriate time may be reviewed.

(7) Possible Agreements. If applicable, bring copies of any possible agreements that may have been entered into before or during the marriage, such as a premarital agreement or postmarital agreement.

Divorce is complicated, having significant legal, financial, and emotional implications. It is prudent to seek the counsel of a dedicated divorce attorney. Illinois divorce attorney Blake Austin Culver at Richard W. Culver, Ltd. can help answer your questions pertaining to divorce, as well as help guide you throughout the divorce process.

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